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Facilities Maintenance Technician


This position is responsible for maintaining, repairing, remodeling and constructing Utah Hogle Zoo facilities. Performs journey level skills or crafts, or building trades such as HVAC, electrical, painting, carpentry, plumbing, cement, masonry, dry wall, machinist, roofing, welding, doors/hardware or other recognized trade and maintenance areas. Must be able to operate, maintain and repair mechanical equipment and vehicles/carts. This is skilled position for building maintenance and operation work.


1. Performs journey level skills building crafts and trades, with full knowledge of building maintenance techniques, methods, practices, standards, procedures, safety precautions, and materials required for the assigned tasks.

2. Inspects and services equipment such as lighting, hot waters systems, chillers, compressors, timers, pumps, air conditioners, swamp coolers, animal drinkers, hotwire, fans, motors, fencing/gates, operators and vehicles/carts.

3. Places equipment in operation, checks and records various gauges and instruments to maintain the proper level of water, oil and refrigerants, and to control system output. Operates valves and thermostats, direct digital controls to regulate services to designated areas

4. Repairs and ensures the proper operation of such systems as pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and overhead doors; diagnosing problems, repairing equipment, and when necessary, rebuilding inoperative parts and equipment, using hand and power tools, brazing/mig and arc welding.

5. Reads and interprets performance charts, control panels and blueprints which reflect the operation and layout of each piece of equipment in a system. Records all necessary information on equipment operation.

6. Safely operates and is experienced in electronic testing tools, hand, and power tools, lifts, forklifts, and all other tools and equipment required to perform maintenance tasks and assignments.

7. Operates computer systems and facilities management computer applications for work order assignments including mobile work order systems to receive, generate work order assignments, and record asset changes, equipment specification information.

8. Ensures the work area conforms with the security and safety measures in effect and practices good housekeeping.

9. Lubricates machinery and equipment. Performs other preventive maintenance and repairs on equipment and component parts such as fan belts, pump seals, filters, bearings, etc.

10. Perform seasonal snow plow and ice removal operations and works with team members to ensure safe removal of snow and ice.

11. .Performs other duties as required and responds to emergency situations.


1. Four year’s experience in a similar position maintaining Zoo’s, or other commercial buildings and systems.

2. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, circuit diagrams, and various types of operations and maintenance manuals.

3. Ability to relate well with the general public, supervisors and fellow employees.

4. Able to be creative and solve many different animal containment and building issues.

5. Demonstrate skills in estimating costs, fabricating, building, controlling and troubleshooting building systems.

6. Proficient in working with computer applications including MS word, excel, and outlook.

7. Proficient in Facilities Management application for work order assignments, including mobile work order systems to receive, generate work order assignments, and record asset changes, equipment specification information.

8. Able to troubleshoot pumps, HVAC, controls, electrical, plumbing and other building Systems efficiently providing both short and long term solutions to system problems.

9. Must have a positive attitude and be team player.

10. Possession of a valid Utah driver license is required.


1. Moderately heavy physical activity. Required to push, pull or lift -heavy weights.Must be able to perform heavy labor, including lifting up to 75 pounds.

2. Intermittent exposure to stress as a result of human behavior.

3. Unconventional working hours including long shifts, callouts, standby for weekends and holidays as assigned.

If you are interested in this opportunity please refer to the Utah’s Hogle Zoo website at to apply. Utah’s Hogle Zoo is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a drug free work environment.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a Utah treasure. Located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon since 1931, the Zoo is spread out over 42 acres. Its natural hillside terrain and meandering tree-covered pathways enhance your visit as you discover the wonders of the natural world.