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Job Description

Role and Responsibilities

Management of Construction Tasks and Staff as assigned with the following duties:

  • Report directly to the Superintendent and clearly communicate daily goals and progress both in written and verbal form on a daily basis.
  • Plan, implement and manage construction tasks in accordance with priorities and goals
  • Manage and monitor employees’ attendance and work
  • Adhere to relevant safety regulations
  • Manage and guide the use of machinery and equipment
  • Peacefully resolve any emerging problems and issues on job site locations
  • Allocate and delegate responsibilities
  • Supervise, train and give feedback to workers
  • Ensure equipment, tools, supplies other resources necessary to meet scheduled work on available
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Position requires a combination of 5 years of Construction Team and/or LSS/water filtration design and fabrication experience,

a minimum Bachelor of Science degree in a related field or equivalent experience.

Preferred Skills

Skills required: time management, staff management, clearly communicate goals and progress of projects to superiors & staff

both in verbal and written form, basic computing skills, budget management, plumbing, capable with general hand and shop

tools common to such projects.

Skills Preferred: Design abilities in digital format, Revit capable, Total Robotic Station and/or Survey capable, Read &

understand blueprints, facilities management, welding, glass/acrylic handling, basic animal husbandry, aquatic exhibit ecosystem

management, basic lab skills/water testing.

Department/Group: Construction Team

Location: Forney, TX Travel Required: Yes

Level/Salary Range: $50,000-$65,000 Position Type: Full Time/Salaried/Exempt

HR Contact: Eli Cates

Will Train Applicant(s): Construction Exp.Req.