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Life Support Systems Technician

Our Mission: Houston Zoo connects communities with animals, inspiring action to save wildlife.
Our Vision: Houston Zoo will be a leader in the global movement to save wildlife.

This position is ideal for a candidate who is a dedicated and enthusiastic team player with working experience being responsible for the daily operation, maintenance, and monitoring of aquatic life support systems.

• Perform the repair and maintenance of pumps, controllers, air compressors, UV sterilizers, chemical injection, and filtration equipment
• Perform inspections and monitor water quality parameters
• Ability to troubleshoot and repair all systems and equipment
• Perform water quality testing in a laboratory setting
• Interpret water chemistry reports and results, and make recommendations for corrections as needed
• Ability to use instrumentation and control systems to monitor and record data
• Maintain accurate system logs and records as needed
• Recommend and maintain the stock of required spare parts, tools, and test instruments
• Receive, maintain, and restock chemical inventories
• Interface effectively with other departments to maintain the highest quality standards
• Follow and maintain all safety policies and procedures
• Maintain the highest standard of work area cleanliness at all times
• Interact with Zoo guests and maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction

• Candidates must have a minimum of two years’ experience operating and maintaining aquatic life support systems, a municipal water treatment plant, or a waste water treatment plant.
• Ability to diagnose and repair LSS equipment including but not limited to ozone generators, pumps, heat exchangers, air compressors, fractionators, UV sterilizers, instrumentation and control systems, chemical injection, and water filtration systems.
• Must be proficient in the use of proper testing equipment, hand tools and shop equipment.
• Must be proficient in pipe fitting utilizing PVC and polyethylene tubing.
• Must communicate effectively in English in both written and oral form.
• Strong demonstrated knowledge of water chemistry and water system monitoring.
• Demonstrated ability to work with various computer programs and software related to essential functions of the position.
• Attention to detail and great overall workplace cleanliness is mandatory.
• Must be able to work nights, weekends, holidays, and have a flexible schedule.

• Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, marine science or a related field is a preferred. A valid Texas driver’s license is required.

The position involves considerable physical exertion, such as regular climbing of ladders, lifting of heavy objects (up to 75 pounds) on a highly frequent basis and/or assuming awkward positions for long periods of time.

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