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MM3/HVAC Technician

General Description:
Under the general direction of the Engineering Superintendent, performs routine and corrective maintenance work on heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and other maintenance duties of a general nature as may be required or assigned. Ensures that all HVAC/R work complies with applicable codes and with established performance standards; may assist in coordinating and/or overseeing work performed by outside HVAC/R contractors when necessary.

Leads/oversees specialty and routine HVAC/R work performed by individual maintenance mechanics and/or coordinates projects involving multiple staff, including mechanics representing other trades when they are involved in work supporting a HVAC/R project. Anticipates the safety requirements for HVAC/R jobs and ensures that mechanics follow safety rules and standards. Assists in the training of non-licensed staff performing HVAC/R work. Complies with organizational and departmental policies and procedures. On 24-hour call to respond to HVAC alarms.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Perform preventive, corrective and special maintenance tasks as directed either through the work order system in accordance with standard operating procedures or as otherwise assigned.
2. Perform work in a safe manner and comply with codes, ordinances, Zoo and department safety guidelines and protocols; ensure appropriate performance from others assigned to job.
3. Assist in preparing labor and material estimates and scheduling requirements associated with work and/or projects.
4. In consultation with management and planning team, develop work schedule for self and others in trade to provide for timely completion of repairs, fabrication and preventive maintenance.
5. Comply with organizational and departmental policies and procedures as may be promulgated from time to time.
6. Act as Certified Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Technician on staff for the institution and maintain refrigerant logs.
7. Assist in training and coaching non-certified mechanics; may act as a coach/mentor; identify technical deficiencies and recommends training programs to improve skills.
8. Coordinate and oversee the work of mechanics performing HVAC/R work to assure work quality, timeliness and conformance to regulations. Report discrepancies to Engineering Superintendent or his designee.
9. Report to Engineering Superintendent or his designee regarding the status of assigned work. Inform manager on a regular basis of the quality of the work and productivity of employees in specific trade.
10. Perform routine equipment inspections in mechanical spaces in all zoo buildings.
11. On 24-hour call to respond to HVAC alarms. May respond to alarms and perform routine diagnostics by dialing into the system from a remote location when not on duty.
12. Help identify appropriate safety equipment and materials required for HVAC/R jobs.
13. Coordinate work of other trades with HVAC/R work as required.
14. Stay abreast of the HVAC/R trade and update skills through training/career development programs.

Non-Essential Job Functions:
1. Perform general maintenance work as assigned.
2. May operate excavation equipment, if qualified.

Knowledge and Ability Requirements:
The MM III is the “top” position in a trade group, holding either a license or having a high level of skill, experience and expertise in his/her trade. The MM III plays a key role with peers in the maintenance department quality work team which assists management to plan, schedule, and carry out and monitor the quality of routine, preventive and project maintenance work. Because of the considerable interaction of the MM III with managers, peers and associates in planning, carrying out and monitoring work, this position requires demonstrated effective inter personal, planning and communications skills. The following skills are essential: planning, organizing, communicating, flexibility, initiative, cooperation, accuracy and timeliness.
1. Current EPA Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certificate.
2. Demonstrated thorough knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, materials, techniques and safety procedures of the HVAC/R trade and of industry standards and codes.
3. Experienced using electronic equipment to respond to and diagnose HVAC systems.
4. Related demonstrated work experience in the HVAC/R trade and mechanical maintenance.
5. Ability to supervise the work of skilled, semi-skilled and/or unskilled laborers, using a team approach. Demonstrated successful supervisory skills by the conclusion of a six-month probationary period.
6. High school degree or equivalent and successful completion of formal training and certification from an approved HVAC/R trade school.
7. Internal candidates applying for this position must have a record of competent performance at a Maintenance Mechanic II level for at least one year prior to applying for this job. Internal candidates must have a work record, which demonstrates teamwork, credibility and rapport with supervisor and co-workers and demonstrates consistent compliance with Zoo and department policies and work standards.
8. Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license.
9. Significant and proven prior experience showing the ability to work cooperatively with supervisors and co-workers, to accept and follow general direction, to work independently and to produce quality work in a timely manner.
10. Able to work a flexible schedule, which may include weekends, evenings and holidays; available on-call 24 hours.
11. Experience working with Johnson controls and Honeywell building automation (or similar support solutions) preferred.

Physical and Medical Requirements:
1. In good health and capable of performing strenuous and/or heavy physical labor.
2. Successful completion of post-offer medical screening and drug test with emphasis on cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal systems prior to beginning work.
3. Successful completion of post-offer driving record/license checks.
4. No allergies related to plants or animals, which may interfere with the ability to work.
5. No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement, which might interfere with ability to work.
6. Ability to safely lift and carry 40 pounds a distance of 50 feet.
7. Must have received or willing to obtain a full Covid 19 vaccination and booster, when applicable.