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Performs master level welding work in the fabrication, repair, and/or modification of a variety of equipment and structures. This position maintains the animal exhibit barriers to keep Zoo guests, employees, and animals safe.


Maintain the animal exhibit barriers sound to keep Zoo guests, employees, and animals safe.
Repair a variety of structures and structural components; repair rusted out animal cages; repair breaks in chain link fencing.
Design/fabricate a variety of equipment/structures and/or special modifications to equipment/ structures.
Maintain welding equipment, supplies, and materials.
Maintain an inventory of materials and supplies.
Clean welding shop area and mobile welding unit.

Non-Essential Job Functions
Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience Required: Experience equivalent to five (5) years full time master level welding work involving both fabrication and repair and completion of a vocational/trade school course or recognized apprenticeship program in welding. Equivalent combination of education and experience to perform the essential duties will be considered.

Minimum Education Requirements: High School diploma or G.E.D.


Certification: Valid Oklahoma driver’s license and pass a driver’s history check. Minimum 6G pipe certification within six (6) months of hire. Must pass Code Welding Test administered by a recognized authority within six (6) months of appointment. OK State Welding License. Successful completion of a pre-employment background check, a physical examination, and a drug test.