James Mancari

James Mancari was a Construction Project Manager for the North Carolina Zoo for 8.5 years. During his time at the zoo, James oversaw many smaller and intermediate sized projects culminating with overseeing the design phases for the upcoming Asia and Australia expansion projects. Prior to the zoo, James attended the University of Tennessee and graduated with an architectural degree. While working for a structural engineer, he again graduated from UT with a second degree in civil
engineering and eventually obtaining his engineering li
cense. James then worked for an architectural firm where he completed the architectural intern program. In October 2021 he moved from the zoo to be the Division Project Manager for the North Carolina Aquariums. There, James oversees construction projects for the state’s three aquariums at Roanoke Island, Pine Knoll Shores, and Fort Fisher. Included in that mix also is Jeanette’s Pier – a facility that combines a 1,000-foot-long pier out into the Atlantic Ocean with educational exhibits and research facilities. Since joining AZFA in 2016, James has served on the Conservation and Site Selection committees for the past several years.